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Electrical Issue - Not a Computer (Gasp!)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So having a strange issue with fuses, specifically a Class G SC-20 fuse (or rather 2 of them).  System they go in takes 2 fuses, each running different components (seems... can't find the electrical diagram to verify this).

Anyway.. Slot A and Slot B.  Slot A works with it's current fuse, and slot B does not.  Replaced fuse in Slot B... nothing.  So I tested new fuse in Slot A... nothing either.  Same with 2nd fuse in package.


Now normally I'd just take them back and exchange them, however, if I put the original fuse from Slot A into Slot B, (and new/old into A, I think it's just a check to see if something is there), Slot A stuff doesn't work but B does.


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If fuses blow, you need to find and correct the fault.   The role of a fuse is basically to prevent the device from starting a fire due to its electrical fault.


You need to call an electrician if this is for mains electrical wiring, or take the device/equipment in question to a qualified repairman.

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