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Microsoft is working on a new Windows 10 Install/Setup experience using Cortana

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54 minutes ago, zMeul said:


tell me what's faster

  • to click Next
  • to hear cortana narrate what's on the screen and say "next"

this whole thing is the next level in retarded shit MS does

some people don't have arms/hands and this helps them do task that might of been tricky with out some aid. why is it wrong to add a feature?

if you want to annoy me, then join my teamspeak server ts.benja.cc

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Cortana and Siri are tools.


and that's meant as an insult.

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4 hours ago, Princess Cadence said:

Am I the only one in here who uses classic shell and other tweaks to have my Win10 be just like Win7 and have never lay my fingers on Cortana? Old Search box on old start menu FTW.

I've used Classic Shell on all my Windows 8 and 10 machines, but still use Cortana because, I hate to admit it, it is pretty damn useful to just say "Hey Cortana", and give it a question :)

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48 minutes ago, The Benjamins said:

some people don't have arms/hands and this helps them do task that might of been tricky with out some aid. why is it wrong to add a feature?

that's yet another bullshit


people that have disabilities don't install Windows, they have other people to do it for them

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This will be useful for people who fond it hard to use a computer or are slow as typing, for everyone else its pointless.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
9 hours ago, zMeul said:

what is this shit?! is it a joke? because April 1st is couple of months away

There's no need for that attitude and behavior here.

9 hours ago, zMeul said:

if you need to repair the BCD or need to do something in the cmd prompt, you need to dictate to Cortana ?!?!

No. If you need to reinstall, install or setup Windows, you can use Cortana for voice control instead of a keyboard and mouse.

9 hours ago, zMeul said:

are they out of their fucking minds?

Are you?


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9 hours ago, zMeul said:



and here's another problem: if you need the sound card drivers to activate the microphone, how the fuck is Cortana going to receive voice comms during Windows install?

During install and setup some generic drivers are installed before you configure Windows.

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What if I speak Klingon?

Cortana probs more useful on a mobile device where typing is more of a pita. 

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5 hours ago, AluminiumTech said:

There's no need for that attitude and behavior here.

really?! why not


these shitheads have a lot to fix in W10, way more important issues, and yet they waste money and time to make a voice comms install process - what the fuck!?




and here's a thing that seriously bothers me: why aren't all the (non localized) countries allowed to use Cortana in english?

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Ugh, bad for deaf and speech disability..

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