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Moureau Niels

Mixing 4 songs together for me!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi guys,


The 7th of January i've got a dance competition, I have been given the task to mix the music together but honestly i tried but i just can't.

Si I tought to ask it the lovely people of LTT forum if someone could do it for me!

These are the songs + timings:


Alarm : 0:15 - 1:29
The greatest 00:00 - 1:00
In the name of love : 00:21- 01:03
Salute : 00:00 -01:29


You can email it to me at: moureau.niels@live.be


You would be my hero for ever!


cheerz Niels M

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Assuming you own the songs (or at least posses the files), and have a valid license to use them, download audacity for the correct operating system.


Open the first song, use the selection tool to reduce the song to the required parts. Import the second song, again use the selection tool to trim the song. Then use the 'time shift tool' to shift the second song so that it starts when the first finishes.


Rinse and repeat for the rest of the tracks.


If you slightly overlap the tracks and cross-fade them with the 'envelope tool' you'll reduce the suddenness of the transition.


If you're still struggling, I could help, but not for a few days.

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