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This kid builds pc

Should I risk buying a QS CPU off of ebay??

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Posted · Original PosterOP

In the beginning of the year I had high hopes for a E5-2630 v4 engineering sample I bought off ebay. After about a month everything went to **** and I had return all the stuff I had bought with a loss of some money. Now being my stupid self, I read a thread regarding qualification sample cpus and saw that they are closely related to the production CPUs. Then I saw this CPU... should I take the plunge and buy it or just wait for zen or something? 



Rig Specs:

Ryzen 7 1700 3.9ghz @1.33125v Cinebench Scores Best:1750cb Average: 1735cb

Asrock X370 SLI/AC  SOLD

Evga GTX 560 Ti 1gb    Just got a EVGA GTX 780 HydroCopper

G.Skill Ripjaws V 2x8gb 2400mhz oc’d to 2666mhz (bought when ram was still cheap :()  

Corsair RM850

Enthoo Pro M Acrylic Changing to a Inwin 301 soon

Custom CPU Loop (watercooling is boring to me right now so I want to go back to air cooling and do like one more WC Loop in a Inwin 301)

Intel 256gb SSD

Kingston 240gb SSD

HyperX 90gb SSD

Not So Shitbox v3 Specs:

I7 2600k oc'd to 4.7 @ 1.4ish (will do more when I get a better cooler) 

MSI P67-GD55  Sold to fund my gpu

Gigabyte Windforce HD 6950

Team Elite Plus 8gb DDR3 (1 stick) @ 1600mhz

Thermaltake Toughpower 750 watt

Cooler Master T4

Enthoo Luxe 

Kingston 120gb SSD

WD Black 1tb HDD


Asus GL552VW-DH71

i7 6700HQ

2x8gb DDR4 

1tb hard drive

GTX 960m

15in IPS 1080p display


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2 hours ago, This kid builds pc said:


Yeah, the ES chips are pretty risky. I did luck out with my ES xeon, but I'm not sure how much better the QS chips are. Do note some features might be disabled (Some ES chips do not turbo boost at all)

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You really don't know what's been done to an ES chip before you buy it.  If you had a friend who worked for a manufacturer of computer equipment or a software developer and had an ES CPU to sell that was the same as a release stepping, and said chip wasn't abused during the 'engineering'  process -- then I'd be perfectly comfortable with such a chip from a technical point of view (although there are certainly some who may argue that such chips are 'stolen' property!).


But some random ES chip salvaged out of some Chinese electronics recycling dump?  Lol. 

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