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Beats Solo 3s or AirPods

Which Pair of Headphones?  

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  1. 1. Which Pair of Headphones?

    • Beats Solo3's
    • AirPods
    • Other (Have Listed in Reply)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So may I first say, I am ready for everyone to be triggered at my decision to want Bluetooth headphones with the W1 chip, for not only that these may not be the best and they come from Apple.


But my decision stands for many reasons, all of my portable devices are from Apple, got the Apple Watch, iPhone 7, and iPad Pro. When it comes to my computer, I likely will not be using these headphones for it, so it won't really matter. These are going to be my daily drivers, as for listening to music on the go, or when traveling, not when I am home. 


The Beats Solo 3s are the top of my budget, at $220. They feature the W1 chip, which sounds pretty cool and I played around with it before, 40+ hours of battery life, and are in the On-Ear shape, which sounds like will be a distinct advantage over the AirPods, because that helps with noise. The AirPods are the same, only with a shorter battery life, in an In-Ear design. As for comfort though, I hear the Solo line isn't the best, but not bad, my trials at the Apple Store haven't shown me any problems. For the AirPods, I already love the EarPods, and they are essentially the same, but maybe a little bigger. 


One more factor is, if I do end up needing to use a hard wire, the Solos have a wire so they can just connect right through. It would be trickier with the AirPods, with needing a Bluetooth transmitter to have it receive audio, and have it connected to the AirPods so being able to listen to something like a TV on an airplane is possible. 


What I'm asking the community is,


  • Which would you choose (Without price being a factor)? Why?
  • Are there any other factors about either that I haven't mentioned?
  • Which would you chose (With the fact that the AirPods are cheaper)? Why?


I will also ask for other recommendations, stating the advantages over these, but I do ask you answer the main question, because I don't need my decision just to be shot down, I'm also asking what your opinions are on the two. Also, feel free to ask any questions in case I haven't come along clearly.


Thanks in Advance Everyone,




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