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Steam slow disk usage

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Posted · Original PosterOP

When im donwloading a small update or game on steam, around 1-5GBs, the download get done very fast thanks to 200mbps internet, although my disk has a tough time keeping up with it, the downloading of the files gets done well before the disk is able to actually write it down, so i have to wait quite a long time to wait for the disk to actually get done with the download. How can i fix this?


Hope that made sense


(the speeds im getting with my disk max out at around 45Mb/s) 

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i have the same issue. i get 8mbps on my disk usage. its not that bad but not great. i get a stable 60+mbps on my internet connection from steam, and yes im using a fairly new ssd, and on task manager its only using 5-10% of my drives speed. ill upload a pic. my ssd model is on the task manager screen shot btw. if u know how to improve my drives speed for steam id greatly appreciate it

PS: by steam name is on there. add me if u like :)2016-12-18 (1).png2016-12-18.png

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