Recently I was getting tired of Android, and wanted to have an IOS devise like an iphone or ipad so I can get away and use the device like I used to use my ipod 4. This night my brother called me asking me to upload his HW to blackboard (online college course website), but then it hit me... hes asking me to download the HW he forwarded me through his email, open up blackboard, then upload the document by finding it in windows explorer. I could have done all of this directly on my LG G5 because it has a fuckin "downloads" app let alone a file explorer on its own. You can miss your HW deadline because you wont have the ability to actually use a "smartphone" like a extension of your PC/MAC for a simple task like downloaded an attachment from an email, then uploading the attachment to the website. This means that I cant use an iphone as a daily driver and have the same versatility.  I asked my brother how he cant use his phone to do it, and he stated that its not possible. I havent used an ios devise to its full extent since the ipod 4 came out, so i cant know if he doesnt know how to do such a thing, or if the device itself is not capable of doing it. Doesnt meant I'm not gonna go out and get an ipad or something, but I dont understand how someone who uses a phone for business or productivity can actually use an iphone this way.