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Intel i5-6600 with b150 vs i5-6600k with z170 for gaming

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I am really confused whether I should for the Intel i5-6600 (non-K) with b150 vs i5-6600k with z170 for gaming when paired with the Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming GTX 1070. I will be primarily gaming @ 1080 for 50-60 fps atleast @ high settings for the coming 4-5 years ( I know GTX 1070 is overkill for 1080, but it will help me in futureproofing :D).

I am a complete noob in overclocking and dont know the intricacies of it and havent done it. I read that lot of researching, patience and understanding is needed for successfully manual overclocking without any damage and it is a trial and error method.I really dont have the time for it and saw in other forums that auto overclocking via the mobo software provided is not really recommended. 
When price is taken into account intel i5-6600 with b150 * Rs 16000+9000= Rs 25000) whereas the i5-6600k with z170 ( Rs 17000+13000+3000=Rs 33000) for an expensive stable board and an extra after market cooler for overclocking.I think this extra 8k will be better invested in the GPU and other parts. Is overclocking really give significant performance boosts down the line in gaming for the extra price. (Rs =Indian Rupees)

Please correct me if I am wrong and am open to all suggestions. 

Will the non K 6600 reach 3.9 Ghz as advertised without overclocking?

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6600k, but if you're not going to OC then don't go for the 6600, go for the 6500. Or go for a regular 6700 for the same price as the 6600k and Z170 mobo

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Go with 6600K and Z170 board. If you don't want to overclock yourself buy a nice Asus/MSI motherboard and press the OC Genie/OC Tweaker button and it will auto overclock to like 4.2GHz or something.

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I have no idea why you go with GTX 1070 if you aim for 50-60 fps on 1080p (future proof is not an option,better future proof yourself with good motherboard and CPU). I suggest GTX 1060 6GB and i7 6700k with Z170 mobo

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if would recommend you to change your mind on the GPU side, if 1080p is the choice, if you arent up for overclocking go for 6600 with B150 motherboard becuase once u get a 'k' cpu, You my friend are sure getting into overclocking which might lead to bad stuff sometimes though it will make u learn or gain a lot of knowledge but as you said time is an issue,6600 is the choice, though if asked my opinion if 50-60fps at 1080 p is the choice 6100 with RX 480 or 1050ti is the best combo, i mean it will be really cheap cause ur current cpu and gpu preferences are something around for 1440p gaming!

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1: get the 6600K and A z170 board

2: z170 motherboards dont have to be expensive, get something cheap

3: you can get a decent overclock on something like a hyper 212 evo and if you dont want to manually do it use auto overclocking

4: if you get the 6600K and Z170 motherboard it will be WAAAAAAAAAAAAY easier to sell of in the future when you are done with the rig because its overclockable and therefore can still be relevant


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Overclocking is actually pretty simple I got my 6600k to 4.2Ghz after watching a single video. But I think the 1070 is overkill for 50-60fps you should get yourself a 1060 and a K series cpu and z170 mobo 

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