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Patrick Filios

Hard rive problems, I need help

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Just now, Patrick Filios said:

Help! I just bought a new hard drive and my computer wont recognize it, I don't know what to do and am currently gaming on a second hand 250 gb hard drive from 2004.

have you enabled the harddrive in propeties ?

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look in your bios and see if your drive is detected in there, if not try a different cable.If that does not work you can request a refund i have personal experience when i bought a hdd on amazon is was dead on arrival 



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Hi @Patrick Filios and welcome to the community!


Can you check if the hard disk is showing up in BIOS? In case it doesn't then try a different SATA cable like @ma77yman suggested, as well as to plug the drive in another SATA port. In case this doesn't solve the issue then as a last option you can try to connect it to a different PC and if it appears there simply partition and format it in Disk Management.


Speaking of formatting, does the HDD appears in Disk Management on your computer as Unallocated? If it is then you need to format it in order for it to be recognized by the computer - you can follow the steps in this KB article on how to do that:



Hope this helps and let us know how it went. :)

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