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Top-Hat Meerkat

I've hit a bit of a blunt.

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I am in the process of choosing a new laptop for school next year, and I can't choose between portability or performance. I will be using Photoshop often, and might do some animation if I get fast enough hardware. 


Should I buy a laptop that is portable but only has a dual core CPU and no GPU, or should I buy a laptop that has a quad core CPU, and a dedicated GPU, but is much heavier and larger? I will have to be bringing the laptop to and from school, but will be using Photoshop at school.

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if you are using PS def go for the quad & dgpu

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PSU Tier list


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2 minutes ago, MANIDY inc said:

i thought you was smoking a blunt fam, dont play me 

something like this


2 minutes ago, Electronics Wizardy said:

I have a 2012 macbook air as my porable system, and it run photoshop, maya, premiere, finalcut X, avid and other programs fine. Those dual cores are faster than you think

I have the 2015 i7 MacBook air and I can't fault the intel graphics. Any hardcore work I send to the desktop or I remote into my universities i7 lab computers


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And everything depends on your budget. E.g. Zenbook is really portable and has dGPU but is quite expensive.

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