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I want to build a workstation on a budget of 3000$, which I use mostly for 3d rendering content creation and I am pretty much confused between Xeon vs core i7 and Quadro vs GeForce.

Can any guys help me out with this, I want a workstation which is upgradable in future now I am planning to get 32gb ECC ram which is later upgraded to 64gb or 128gb, and a single graphics card for now.


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More cores is a MUST for 3d rendering. Get a midrange Xeon and a Quadro. In the future, you could upgrade to a even better Xeon (Like that 22 core 44 thread BEAST)



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i would go for a geforce imo not rly justified to spent a lot for the same performance. they say quadros is better supported but if you check some articles in this https://www.pugetsystems.com/all_articles.php its all the same.

For cpu i would go for a 6900k or 6950x you can OC them or spent a bit more for a xeon. you can also wait for the zen cpus they might be pretty good performace/price wise its what im doing. If you want to compare cpus check out cinebench scores

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