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"2K" does not mean 2560×1440

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10 hours ago, beakhole said:

The title to this post is silly. Anyone who says that is silly. 2K means 2560x1440, sorry guys. It means 2k in the same way that the word "D'oh" ended up appearing in dictionaries with an official meaning after the Simpson's had been playing for 10 years - it is the meaning we've assigned to it as silly humans and that's just the way it is. People bothered by 2k referring to 2560x1440 have OCD or are trying to prove that they know stuff about computers that you don't know - either way they are the silliest of the sillies. 

Yeah... One centimeter means 13 mm. Not 10. So anyone telling you 1 cm = 10 mm are just trying to prove they know more physics than you. Also, the Earth is flat and vaccines cause autism and can only be cured by drinking colloidal silver water.


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GPU: Asus GTX 970 4 GB Strix  OC

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HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB 7200 rpm

PSU: OCZ 600W Steath Xtreme 

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