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Apple Considers Wearables Expansion With Digital Glasses

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Apple is still one of the world's most valuable companies with products such as the iPhone and Macbook driving their business

Augmented Reality is now one of the emerging technologies with companies like Microsoft and Magic Leap working on headsets

There were of course some attempts by companies like Google that didn't really end up blowing everyone's socks off (the Note 7 did ;))

Apple is now looking towards tapping into the market with reports of the company looking towards building their own set of wearable  


Apple Inc. is weighing an expansion into digital glasses, a risky but potentially lucrative area of wearable computing, according to people familiar with the matter.

While still in an exploration phase, the device would connect wirelessly to iPhones, show images and other information in the wearer’s field of vision, and may use augmented reality, the people said. They asked not to be identified speaking about a secret project.


Apple has talked about its glasses project with potential suppliers, according to people familiar with those discussions. The company has ordered small quantities of near-eye displays from one supplier for testing, the people said. Apple hasn’t ordered enough components so far to indicate imminent mass-production, one of the people added.


There are of course concerns being raised with whether the product will sell given competitor's previous attempts with the technology 

This is still has to be taken with a grain of salt given how young the market is and how far the technology has to go before being convenient 


Should Apple ultimately decide to proceed with the device, it would be introduced in 2018 at the earliest, another person said. The Cupertino, California-based company tests many different products and is known to pivot, pause, or cancel projects without disclosing them


There are still some hurdles that the company has to overcome, hurdles that have haunted the companies that failed to deliver


Apple’s effort may be more difficult because the chips, batteries and other components that will be available in a year or two may still not be small enough and powerful enough to build slim glasses capable of handling compelling AR experiences.


I personally look forward to the technology pushing forward given the many applications it has, and just how amazing the technology looks

The applications seem to be endless with hospitals using it to aid doctors and organizations like NASA designing and building spacecraft with the technology 

I've personally tried Google Glass and it did make me realize that the future is coming sooner than I expected albeit expensive

More and more companies seem to be jumping towards adapting the technology which makes the future a little brighter 


Sources: Bloomberg, The Verge, Business Insider (1) (2)  

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Apple Glass now starting at $499.99 with right eye. Extra eye for additional $499.99. Wireless charger over Bluetooth for $299.99 thay can charge full battery for 5hrs! Battery life varies by model and upgrade to Apple Glass S to get larger glass and addional 5 minutes of battery. 



Sorry I'm tired 

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49 minutes ago, Captain Chaos said:

If you think Google Glass users were "glassholes", you ain't seen nothing yet.

Can't say that about Apple when they remove the 3.5mm hole.... 

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Google tried already, but couldn't pull it of, now the question becomes can Apple pull it of and give propel this into the market properly like they did with the idea's of all touch phone's, tablets and "ultrabook" form factor(ultrabook is intel naming for thin laptops like the air) I know they have never been the first to do it, but they where the first to bring it properly to the masses.

1 hour ago, deXxterlab97 said:

Apple Glass now starting at $499.99 with right eye. Extra eye for additional $499.99. Wireless charger over Bluetooth for $299.99 thay can charge full battery for 5hrs! Battery life varies by model and upgrade to Apple Glass S to get larger glass and addional 5 minutes of battery. 



Sorry I'm tired 

then get out of the negative circle and look behind the list of pricing and specs. I personally say don't judge until you personally tried it.

May the light have your back and your ISO low.

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New Apple Glass allows you to see everything! that's apple certified /s

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I think one of the biggest problem with Google Glasses was the camera. That turned the public against the tech and killed the glasses. If Apple is serious then I hope they leave out the camera and focus just on making it useful. 

My posts are in a constant state of editing :)

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Hopefully they can pull it off, though battery life is going to be really hard to figure out.

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