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Upgrade Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream ??? (Don't Laugh)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Well, I obviously am the type not to chuck something until it is TOTALLY obsolete.

Thoughts / links on how to upgrade the OS on a Samsung Galaxy Ace II X running Ice Cream Sandwich to whichever version is the latest that such a phone can handle.

I'm looking for a site similar to this: http://androidmagnet.com/

(But that one does not support the old Ace II X).

I am open to other suggestions, save for buying a NEW PHONE!!!!!



Thank you for not laughing - JT

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Uh....Android Magnet...looks very odd to me....because that isn't how you update phone's OS...there are usually OTA from the manufacturer that would auto-update for you or a downloadable file from the manufacturer website for you to manually update.


But that website just look sketchy as hell to me..


Anyways...your best bet is probably going down the path of rooting your device (if it's possible) and installing a custom ROM (if there is one available). Look at the XDA-Developer website for more info/in-sight. 


Take note that not all android device has support for third-party ROMs or any development at all by the community over there. There might be some other forums with development for your device....but that is for you to research into.

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