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Socket Difficulties.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

What is the difference in the socket types for intel and amd CPUs??Please i need some help....Do I have to get different motherboards for them??

And, is the LGA 1150 socket equivalent to something like FM2+?? All suggestions are welcome.....

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Different sockets require different motherboards. Period. And no, you cannot compare Intel sockets with AMD. They are completely different and they are incompatible.

Please quote me if you are replying so that I get a notification. Also, mark my answer as "correct" if I've answered your question :)

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Sockets on intel, such as LGA1151, 1155,1156,1150 use their numbers to describe how many pins they have, Dont pick your cpu based on your MoBo, Pick your Mobo based on your CPU!

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intel CPU's have the contact pins build inside the socket, while AMD has the contact pins build on their chip.

besides that the lay out and amount of pins is different with each type of socket.

they are not inter compatible with each other at all.

May the light have your back and your ISO low.

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