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RGB Fans and Controllers

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I've been searching around and been playing with some of the RGB fans that has been released lately.

Corsair's HD series and SP series, NZXT's AER and the Thermaltake riing.

Since all of them have a little connector box where you can connect up to 6 fans? And have to use the buttons to change the colours. Or the nzxt's ones working with the heu+ again limited by amount of fans.


Now my thing is since I have a costum Desk pc I have 14fans and a fan controller for them in the middle. Since those RGB,s ones are using different power connecters like Molex for the hue, or are just using one of the motherboard 4pin fan connectors. But since you are limited to the fans to use on those boxes, It'll cost me alot since I need 14fans and 3 of those "LED Controllers" Is there any way to let them work without the controllers and have them connected to a fan controller for the power instead of the mobo? (I cant use the pins on my mobo because ill need all of them and it will be a cable mess) Now I'm using 14 AF120 RED since the fan controller is in the middle of the desk I had to cut the cables and soldered them with longer cables to reach the middle of desk.


So in short.

I want the Corsair HD series or the NZXT's Aers. 14 of them and I need to be able to change them without using the buttons. I know the Aers are using the cam software since I already have a hue+. 

Will I be able to solder them? 

Do I need to use those little controller boxes? 

Can I get them to work without using the pins on the mobo?


Thanks :) 

The X Desk«BuildLog»

.:Custom Watercooled Desk - Gaming Cave:.

Feel free to take a look, I would highly appreciate it.


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