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Help me choose my TV (please) / Is this a good buy?

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Hey guys!


So I am looking to buy a new TV and am in need of some recommendations. I plan on gaming on it, though it will mainly be used as my "Chromecast Output" to which I'll stream stuff. My budget is around 500€ (+some if necessary/worth it) and as someone that has never really been looking at TVs or paying attention to display technologies and such, I have no clue as to what I should buy. IDEALLY it should have a high refresh rate, though I found that a lot of TVs use weird ways to calculate it or don't list the refresh rate at all. Also, more than 3 HDMI Ports would be nice. 4K isn't a must, but would be neat in terms of "future proofing" (forgive me for using that term ;)
I kind of set my eyes on the Philips 43PUS6401 43" 4K TV - it has 4x HDMI, 3x USB 2.0, runs Android TV and comes in at 520€, so it would fit the budget. The size is fine, since I'd be sitting only about 2m away from it. It also got a software update that added HDR fairly recently. That's pretty much it.


Would this be a good buy in your eyes? In a review I've read the reviewers negative points were regarding the "gaming performance" in Android TV and the upscaling of regular TV programs.

The latter I don't really care about since I don't watch TV at all.

But yeah, opinions and recommendations are highly appreciated!


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The recorded input lag is 29ms in game mode and 46 in standard mode, it isn't the best television for gaming but it is very acceptable for a television in this range.


If you are looking for 10-bit HDR panel, you are not going to find it with the premium UHD certificate in that price range but for the price, the Phillips television is good value for money if you receive a panel with minimal issues.

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