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Braided Cable, Why?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Greetings, as the subject suggests, I would like to ask about braided cables. A quick search on google showed some hits, but they were all about personal opinions without much actual data backing anything up.


So, braided cable. Some say it makes it more durable, some say it doesn't. Some say it does something, some that it doesn't do anything.

What is it, why is it and why should the consumers care? Other than looking better in some instances, are there any benefits?

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Depends on what the cable is. 



For example for headphones braided cables work fine, they help the wire to stay less twisted and add durability


For mice braided cable can be annoying because the cable can catch on the surface you're moving the mouse on.

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Kind of depends on the cable. For internal PC cables it's really just a matter of looks. For something like a headphone cable, it can add some tensile strength and make the cable less prone to snapping if it gets trapped and pulled. It also makes cables a bit more cat resistant if they like to bite them. 

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I normally go for braided cables just because they look nicer, I imagine thats most other peoples reasons too

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