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Right amount of thermal paste?

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2 minutes ago, Melodist said:


That looks ok to me.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
1 minute ago, Crunken said:

Looks fine, if you're worried just check temps after building the PC, and if they're crazy high you might need to redo it

It is almost a bit too much right?

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Done a build or two and it looks about right......


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17 minutes ago, Melodist said:

Do you think I've used the right amount of thermal paste? Or was it too much?

too much!? that's too little - make a vertical line



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Maybe a little too little, I'd put some more.

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That's fine.
I have about twice as much on my i7 4790k and temps are perfect.

As long as it's a quality paste, it will be non conductive and as such, do no damage even if it spills off the sides.

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I'd consider this too little imo. No way that tiny pea will spread all over the CPU, it might lead to some inconsistencies in core temps. As long as your thermal paste is non conductive, too much is better than too little

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thanks guys, I'm using NT-1H from Noctua, which is non-conductive I suppose? Getting around 64 degrees at the first prime 95 test with a u12 by Noctua, which is good I assume.

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