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Logitech G230 or Steelseries 5H or Alternatives?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So i've got a limited budget for headphones/headset. Logan said G230's are 'not that bad' soo i'm looking at them. Steelseries 5H's are priced very close to them in Latvia. Any better alternatives in this price range?

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Logan... from Tek Syndicate? Logitech G230 is around £60 mark in the UK which is if your buying in Europe/Internationally 71Euros/97Dollars

Can I assume your price/budget is around 50 to 100 Euros?

Just asking have you tried either in real life going to a store and putting them on?

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP

Both Logitech G230 and Steelseries 5H are about 50 EUR (35 LVL) here. Not really willing to go above 60 EUR, since i don't have a soundcard anyways.

Edit: Yes Logan from TekSyndicate.

Edit2: Haven't tried them.

Edited by mono
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Are there any actual headphones microphones available to you? Things to look for would be Monoprice and Superlux for cheap headphones, and Zalman's clip-on mic (but any cheap Lavalier mic would be about the same). I realize you might not be able to find anything under your budget, but just giving suggestions in case you can.

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I'm very late in this one, but I've tried the G230 and they fit very good to the head. I'm gonna get them soon :)

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