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Need advice on a headphone amp

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Im not very clued up on this stuff but here goes...


I got some new headphones the other day, AKG k92s, I am very impressed with them for the money, the audio quality is excellent and theyare very comfy, also I dont get moaned at anymore about the sound leakage. So big big thumbs up for that product!


I use them with my samsung s6 edge plus, mainly listening to hq audio on youtube (which I hear cant deliver proper HDA due to bandwidth limitations or something) but still sounds good nonetheless


I will probably start buying music from playstore as I listened to some free samples today and it just sounded incredible. A quick sample of dream theater and I just knew I needed super high quality audio in my life


So heres what im after....I want to get a headphone amp (I believe a DAC is what I need) that works with my phone, so I can have even better audio quality, I want to spend anything up to £60 (roughly).


I only intend to do this at home so im not looking for a portable solution, the only other thing is id like to get HDA if thats possible, not really sure how that works with phones and android? (Audio files and audio bottlenecks are totally out of my field of knowledge)


Im not really sure how it all works in general actually, so I was wondering if anybody had some advice on what the best thing is to do? and what product is best for this within my budget?


As a basic starting point I was looking at Fiio E10K, and from there im like that guy who trying to plug his mouse into a pcie slot and typing an email on his gtx 980 (Im lost in other words)




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A DAC is just a brick without a amp, go read the pinned post first

Before you buy amp and dac.  My thoughts on the M50x  Ultimate Ears Reference monitor review I might have a thing for audio...

My main Headphones and IEMs:  K612 pro, HD 25 and Ultimate Ears Reference Monitor, HD 580 with HD 600 grills


Speakers: Genelec 8040, System Audio SA205

Receiver: Denon AVR-1612

Desktop: R7 1700, GTX 1080  RX 580 8GB and other stuff

Laptop: ThinkPad P50: i7 6820HQ, M2000M. ThinkPad T420s: i7 2640M, NVS 4200M

Feel free to pm me if you have a question for me or quote me. If you want to hear what I have to say about something just tag me.

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