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To high temps?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So i've just recently finished my custom water loop and gotta say it looks good!

Build it after what others said would be a good way but!
Its running so damn hot?
Just saw a JayZTwoCents he runs his GPU at 34 (Same as mine) but mine is running at like 70C?

Things i have blocks on:
i7 2600K

What i'm using:
DDC 3.2 Pump
EK Res 250
ek supremacy cpu block
ek VGA supremacy gpu blok
240mm radiator
360mm radiator

It goes.

Res - Pump - GPU - Rad (240) - CPU - Rad (360) - Res.

Cpu is okay, at 30 - 40 idle.

What did i do wrong? almost all air is out ive ran it for over 24 hours..

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Posted · Original PosterOP
1 hour ago, TiberiusMoon said:

so is the cpu @70 under load or is the gpu 70 under load?

As i wrote the gpu.

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hmm, try reapplying the tim?


and apply it the Jayz way and not the panzy pea method you want as much contact with the block as possible with that card


 the loop seems fine if you getting good temps on the cpu.

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