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long distance networking

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Posted · Original PosterOP

i want to transfer the internet signal from my house to a garage (seperate building) its about 50m away, and i was just wondering what the best wireless option would be as i really dont want to run an ethernet cable.

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How much are you willing to spend?

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it might just be easiet to dig a line from the two buildings about 2-3 inches deep and run a bunch of ethernet cables through there if you dont know how many devices you want. if you have the modem and router in your house, you may also want to try this, modem(house)--->ethernet cable----->router(in garage)---->good from there)

or modem(house)---->router(house)-------->1-2 ethernet cables to garage. (This one is the best way)

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Pair of Ubiquiti Nanostations, cheapest you'll get. No need to trench a line.

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What's your soil like?  If it's reasonable soft running a line in the ground would be a one hour job using a flat bladed shovel to cut a narrow slit.  If it's clay then the Ubiquiti products are the way to go.

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