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How cheap would SSDs have to get before you'd consider completely ditching HHDs?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Just curious what you guys think of the current $/Gb pricing and how low it'd have to get before you'd make a complete switch.

Of course, we'd all prefer for it to equal to HHDs, but that won't be happening anytime soon.

For a mid-range SSD, I'd make the switch if it was $1/5Gb. So, a 1TB would only be $200.


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I'm waiting for 1tb to be around 150 or samsung 1tb to be around 170-80

should be soon...

and this is just for mass storage. 

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i'd wait until they're the same price as a hdd





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I've seen some 960GB SSDs go for $165 during the Amazon Prime Day sale... if that was the norm, I'd go full SSD for all my builds.

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I don't entirely trust SSDs, so probably until I could afford two 1TB SSDs to set them up in RAID 1.

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Depends on situation and requirements. Have already been builds I did for others that only have SSD.

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I'll go full SSD, when I can get 1TB for the same price as a 500GB SSD is at the minute, so about £130. WHen they hit that price then I'll go straight over and won't look back. Basically when all the drives drop a price bracket then I will finally commit, but until then I'll stick with an SSD and HDD setup.



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I'll never fully switch to SSDs necessarily in a situation like a NAS simply because of the high writes the system might encounter. I've written about 30TB of data to my SSD, but that's besides the point. 

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