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So here is the story.  I am taking a class called Networking Infrastructure.  For my final project I chose to test the application of low cost computers in a networking environment using low cost business class machines and turning them into routers and firewalls.  The computer that I am going to turn into the router and firewall is a Dell Optiplex 990 with a i5 2400 processor, 8gb RAM, and an extra gigabit ethernet card that I added.  I know there are distros out there to turn it into a router or firewall, so that is not the question.  The question is to see how it does with throughput.  Ideally I would like to clock and record the time that it takes to transfer a 10gb file from one machine to another.  As far as the setup I have the 990 that will be the firewall and router.  On the outsides I have a Dell 9010 that I use as my main machine (not a gamer or video editor), I can throw whatever OS on the SSD that is needed for said project.  A buddy also let me use his micro computer that has a gigabit ethernet port.  So here is the basic questions,


What OS shout I put on the outside machines? 

What would be the best metering method? 

What is the best way to test the functionality of the firewall?

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Os doesn't matter. Id personally use centos as its stables and just works


If you on linux you can time it with time so 


time cp /1gbfiletest /fileserver/


I almost garanture the speed with bee about 105mB/s


for a firewalld, you can use filewalld or iptables. For testing look at nmap. 

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