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The clueless enthusiast

Unigine heaven, afterburner,GPUz all display different clock speeeds?

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So like the title suggests, I am trying to overclock my Msi gtx 970 and I have noticed that (at this level of oc at least) the different software I'm using is all displaying different scores. The software I'm using is Unigine Heaven, Msi afterburner and GPUZ. The core clocks are reading as follows

Unigine- Core 1685

Msi Afterburner- 1571

GPU-Z- 1483


I have attached a print screen so you can view the scores for yourselves if you wish


I have tried re-starting each piece of software (thinking this was maybe some soft of refresh issue) but the values didn't change in each case. Does anyone know why this is occurring as I don't know which to take as a true representation of my GPU clock speed.


At this stage I cant say whether it is stable or not- it seems to be semi stable (I looked online and others seem to have got similar speeds stable).


Thanks in advance


core clock.png

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heaven/valley frequently report incorrect clock speeds.  GPU-z should display the correct data, but try looking under the sensors tab instead of the card specs

edit: afterburner has always been correct for me as well

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