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Windows 10 update stuck at 45%

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Posted · Original PosterOP

If you have the latest "Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems" sitting in your Windows Update settings page you may want to work out a plan of how to go about fixing this stuck update.


Stuck Update 45%.jpg


I have just encountered this problem on my laptop and the solution is to download the update manually.

Here is the link -click here- just download the files for your system, then run and restart the machine as required. After the update, the Windows update service will tell you "Your device is up to date"


But there is a catch, you need to have IE installed and my main machine does not have this browser anymore. It was actually removed in an earlier Windows 10 update...so...umm..there's that...:dry: I guess...wait for the next cumulative update then?


MicroSoft Update Catalog.jpg


Actually here is a link to a post on InfoWorld.com that solves it.


NB: Have found a work around to this problem. If you have a machine that has IE you can navigate to the download site and grab the file. Then transfer the file to the other machine on a USB device and run the update manually that way. When you restart and go to the settings>updates and click on the -download the update- button (there seems to be no way to refresh this page) soon after, the machine will report back that it is up-to-date!

Was thinking of uploading the file somewhere but I think that would be just asking to get banned ?-_-


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