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Music played in the Apple- AirPods video

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Its no surprise that the new Apple AirPods is not going to "revolutionize" wireless music . But the thing that made me go crazy was the the chilled vibe music played in the video itself. Anyone can help me out by telling me the title of the music played in that video? Thanks You :) 



Yours Truly,


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3 hours ago, Thanesharan said:

but there is someone talking over the song..thats the problem


It should still be able to pick it up.  Also, did you look in the description of the video or anywhere?  I would think they would have to give credit for the song unless they made it in-house just for the commercial, in which case, you most likely won't find it anywhere else.


And you can PM an admin to get your name changed if you want, since you meet the criteria.

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