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my build so far tell me what u think and correct mistakes please

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Those cpus are way to old finding a motherboard that supports them and any modern features is near impossible and if you do find one it will cost a an arm and leg 

if you want to go for a good cheap xeon go for a xeon E-5 2670 they go for 80 dollars they support modern featurs and there mother boards are relatively easy to find.


Also your cpu will bottleneck the gpu.


Your cpus don't even support ddr3 

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Xeon E5620´s are 7~10 bucks 2.4~2.7ghz 4c8t  very nice cpus and 2 of em are on par w/ an haswell I7 

the ram is p good , but CHECK your motherboards supported ram , server / WS boards are really iffy 


i personally run a dual xeon server based on 1366 , so i have some idea what to look out for 


cpu coolers , i use 2 ARCTIC FREEZER 7 PRO Rev.2 , wich keep the xeons under full load in the 50´s and a silent , also cheap and well made (15$ a pop) 




RyzenAir : AMD R5 1600 | AsRock AB350M Pro4 | 24gb KVR DDR4 2666 | GTX 1060 | Fractal Design Node 804
RyzenITX : Ryzen 3 2200G | GA-AB350N-Gaming WIFI | 12gb DDR4 2993 | Vega 8 | MS-Tech CI-58 | Pico PSU 150


PSU Tier list


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9 minutes ago, DontOpenMySnack said:

i allready own the mobo and what is worng with the other cpu? what u mean not modern enough? 

and any good cpu cooler?

They are from 2007 and were unsupported in 2009 thats very not modern. (THATS 10 YEARS AGO) 


They don't support ddr3

are on a 65nm process (compared to the 16nm of this year)

Will defiantly bottleneck the gpu

Not sure but probable no support of pci express 3

these are mainly used to upgrade mac pros form 2006-2007 


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10 minutes ago, DontOpenMySnack said:

compared to a modern pc where would i be equivalent to cpu wise?

In terms of speed probably a mid ranged 3ghz i3  

but this cpu is a power hog (150 watts a pop)

and doesn't support basic features that are needed 


if i were you i would go for a e5-2670 they perform around the same as a i7-6700 (a little slower like 3-4 fps) while still being 80$ and supporting modern features

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