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Black Mamba

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Posted · Original PosterOP

This has been my main rig for about 3 years, running everyday without changing liquid (not a very good idea) but about a month ago I decided it was about time to do some small upgrades to it and I ordered new fluid, new hoses and got my hands on a second GPU which I was planning on watercooling but that plan has been put on hold due to lack of waterblocks that fit. On a side note I do have a spare waterblock for a Refrence desing GTX 570 if anyone needs it!

So Specs.. here's the full list

Case: Modded Coolermaster Kandalf LCS

Motherboard: Asus ROG Crosshair Formula Z

CPU: AMD FX-9590 @ 4.9 ghz

RAM: 16gb Corsair Vengeance 1600 mhz

Disks: Intel 180gb 520 series SSD (OS), Western digital 1tb HDD, Western digital 1,5 tb HDD

PSU: Mist 1000W

GPU's: 2 x Asus ENGTX 570 DCII 1280MB

Cooling blocks: 1 EK-FC580 (GPU), 1 EK Supremacy XLT (CPU)

Pump: Aquacomputer Aquastream XT Ultra USB with external flow sensor (painted black)

Radiator: Standard kandalf 360 mm, came with case. Will be replaced soon

Fans: Generic, will be replaced with Noctua fans soon

Tank: Aquacomputer Aquabox Pro (Painted front bezle)

Fittings: Mostly Blitzpower with some generic 90 degree plastic bends

Keyboard: Mad Catz C.Y.B.O.R.G V5

Mouse: Mad Catz R.A.T.7

Monitors: 1 Samsung full HD led, 1 BenQ crap monitor(to be replaced)


I'll post picture of the build next, just need to find all of them and sort them:)


Here is the only "before" picture I have foundWP_20160523_22_16_01_Pro.jpg



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You might wanna clean up a bit in there plus that top graphics card is a bit unsafe. 


I'd suggest swap the bottom graphics card to top, that way the pipe coming from the pump doesn't weigh down the card that much.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

yes, as stated this picture is before rebuild:) both things have been done, tho cable management is a nightmare in the kandalf, dont think that even was a thing when this case was made...

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Posted · Original PosterOP

This upgrade was supposed to go a little something like this:

-Remove all tubing and replace with clear tubes

-Install a second watercooled Asus GTX570 DCII

-Do cable management



But no, that was not the way it turned out

I did rip all the tubing out and swaped it for clear, but found out in the progress that i wanted to remove the watercooling HDD blocks as the ID on these were way below the rest of my system (did not measure the exact ID) so i had to redo the pipeing.

Turned out both the CPU block and the GPU block were corroded from running the shitty liquid i had (some Zalman crap) so I had to split both and clean them up with vinegar and toothbrushes until all loose plating were off.


put it all back together and took a step back... that gray color inside the Kandalf case is really ugly I figured...

So out comes the entire system, all metal parts cleaned with paint thinner


and hey presto!

hence the name


a second layer was applied after this picture and 2 days of drying later:

assembly time! (never mind our mascot, he is a bit of a lensebug)


After a shedload of cable management as good as possible with the cables I had lying around and with the limitations of my case 



There is a bit of sag in that horizontal hose, so I'll cut some clear plexi to hold it straight later on, also waiting for some UV led's of fleeabay to go in the reservoir.


Future plans include

- Change all radiator fans to noctua fans

- Paint that gray bezle on the pump black

- swaping that CPU block with a Heatkiller block

- new GPU's

- convert to hard pipe

- probably some bits and bobs that i have forgot now.

Oh and yes I do want to change that case.. getting a bit old and outdated... have been drooling on that HAF stacker but with me working in the Oil industry and the Oil worth less than monopoly money that has been put on hold...

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Posted · Original PosterOP

considering swapping the center fan on my rad


for this Jonsbo solar eclipse fan


and the top and lower fan for Noctua NF-F12PWM


The fans on my rad are old an I think the bearing are about to go as they have developed a slight growling noise on full speed

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Just swapped my front fans for 2 Noctua NF-F12PWM on top and bottom and a Jonsbo, Solar Eclipse in the middle. 

My pump's buildt in fan controller is set up so that the solar eclipse always spin on the lowest settings as long as water temp is below 40c anything above that and the two noctuas start spinning and at 42c all three is at full power (will probably raise this in the future after some testing



With the old fansIMG_0162.JPG


Also plopped in some UV leds in the CPU block:



Next up is some Mayhem UV dye in the loop and a UV led strip...


With the new fans


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looking way better than the 1st pictures ,this is a job well done. can you take a side view picture for us by any chance,. ?

CPU I5-7600K 5.0ghz RAM Corsair Vengeance 24gb 2200 Mhz

GPU GTX 970 Windforce G1 4gb HDD WD 4TB PSU RMS-1000

MB Asus Prime Z270 AR CASE (Big Boy Case) Themaltake Core X71

SSD Plextor M5 Pro 128Gb/ Sandisk SSD Plus 480gb CPU Cooler Custom Water Loop Display BenQ W1070 100"

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Finally got time to do the whole unboxing and also got started on the build video, stock cooler removed and waterblock and backplate added! the rest will be put together in our sunday stream! pictures will be added here after that!


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Posted · Original PosterOP

Finally got the GTX1070 in and running, had to do a windows 10 reset to get it to work right. 

I still have to check my BIOS to see if i can find any thing wrong in there.


Compared my Heaven results to a friends i7 and DAYUM I'm not happy with AMD... Zen better be good or I'm ditching AMD for good...







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