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Wolfensten (2009) rare mag promo poster

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Sorry for bad qual pic.
What do you guys think, should i frame it in UV glass? I am gonna frame it in 2mm glass anyway tho.


  It only has signts of original folding in a mag been unfolded less than ten times and all the damage is sadly when i was taking it out of mag and only remembered i still have it stored in a plastic foil in sheet-holder thingy when i was watching documentary. So i took it out today to take a picture of it, put it back in. No light basicly went on it so the colors could not faded tho the poster doesnt have much color by default.


AFAIK this is throw-away item, and even then i couldnt find posters on the webs aside from this mag cover 


Do you think this poster is worth something and do YOU think it has any personal value? Well ill find out... after i play all the Wolfensteins >D tho 2009 gameplay still looks awesome on youtube!gi-0808.jpg


Yes i know this is "Just a game poster" but hey, we love games more than movies theese days and numbers show it xD in future i suppose this will at least be AMAZING display item for man-cave you cant find anywhere else because they were disgarded or selotaped lol


whaddathink? how can i preserve it and how many 100$ will cost? 


there is wolfenstein medal from 2009 preorder but you know its not same as a poster... that i am almost sure didnt get with the release

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