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Jack McCall

Boost Console Internet Speeds

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So I recently purchased an Xbox One, and set it up in my 'game room'. However, the game room has incredibly shitty internet. My PC is in there and has great internet only because it has a fifty-foot Ethernet cable that runs from it directly to the router. I'm not sure why the internet is so bad, however my Xbox cannot even connect to Live, and this has made it quite irritating for me and my friends when we play.


Is there a way to boost speeds without having to buy another fifty-foot Ethernet cable? I can't move my router into the game room, because it's shared between me and the other tenants that live in this building (it's mounted in the ceiling, so four apartments can access it). I don't want to buy another Ethernet cable and have to drill another hole in the ceiling .


Any good router boosters or router extenders that you guys know of? Thanks in advance. 



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I'd recommend getting a cheap gigabit Ethernet hub and connecting both your PC and XBOX to it. 

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That's normal, and you have a bunch of options. Powerline or an ethernet hub would be your best bet, but you could just try a wireless extender.

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