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Sleeving: Discussion and Gallery

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How do you figure the amount of sleeving and heatshrink you need? Also, which site would be the best to order from, including by price? I'm looking for dark blue (no light colors) sleeving and could only find them on mdpc-x.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Very easily. measure length of your 24 pin. Times that number by 24. That gives you the length you need for that cable. But I always add a meter for tolerance incase I bugger one up. Do the following for the rest of your cables. Generally I get 40m per psu I do. Also when it comes to shrinks I buy pre cut. 48 shrinks required for the 24 pin, so I'll buy 60. Just for tolerance.

lutro0customs or mdpc-x will have the best quality sleeving available

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Is there any guide video on sleeving a corsair rm series?? Much needed.

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Just got my package from MDPC, and began to learn the basics of heatshrinkless sleeving (I used this guide).

These are my first 4 wires I sleeved with basic black sleeving.


What do you guys think?

(It is just a HTC One camera, sadly)





These are just test wires. I don't want to mess up the cables I want to use for my upcoming build.

For the build I'll use Copper Brown and Grand Bleu sleeving by MDPC.

Looks good?




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Looks absolutely perfect to me, well done for a first try


Thanks :)


But what do I do, if some pins are kind of bend to the side and I can't plug the whole connector into something anymore?

I had that problem with 2 of those 4 wires. Tried bending the pin to the correct orientation, but broke one of them doing that.

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