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Same House, Same IP, can't join same Arma 3 server?!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So both, my brother and I, own arma 3. When one of us is playing a server on arma 3 its fine when one of us joins the same server, we both crash and says no message received and I am forced to quit.

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One of you try running a VPN, if it works then you know it's an issue with the IP.
Be careful though, I don't think steam likes VPN's ( to avoid region locking ) try picking one in your country if possible.

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a very crude (and honestly dated) means of protecting against smurf accounts and/or (clientless) bots was to disallow more than X number of connection from the same IP.

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there may be an alternate port you can use on one of the machines to solve this issue. I had a similar problem in DayZ standalone.

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I've had this with BF2. Me and my brother could play just fine on two servers at the same time, but joining on same server got error.

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