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Sub $1000 laptop for engineering student?

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I was thinking about the best buy thinkpad yoga 460 that has a 940m. After edu discount it comes out to $750. It's 2in 1 1080p, dual core i5, 940m, 256gb ssd, 8gb ram and has  Wacom digitizer. I do do some light gaming like dota 2. Would this be my best option for a laptop or should I look at something else? 

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Assuming you're in the United States, check out eBay or Dell Outlet.  Try to find an E6440, an E7440, E7450, with 1080p screen and an i5 processor.  You should be able to get that within the $500-$600 envelope.  You might need to spend a bit more on a SSD and upgrading the RAM to 16gb, but well within your budget.  The trackpoint is very important, IMHO, instead of a trackpad or carrying a mouse around with you all the time.


Business class laptops are significantly preferable to 'consumer' ones for a variety of reasons, especially for engineering students who will make such intensive use of computers in their studies.



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