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So I have a geforce gtx 760 graphics card and for my cpu is a AMD FX-8350 eight core processor. Which one should I invest in more?

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Which one should you upgrade? I think you should upgrade your GPU, then your CPU later on. The 8350 should be fine with anything up to a GTX 970 or similar- so a 1060/480/390/970 would be good.

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Throw the bank at ur gpu n get a 1080 and worry bout the huge cpu bottleneck later! ??

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9 minutes ago, JustinWadaa said:

So I have a geforce gtx 760 graphics card and for my cpu is a AMD FX-8350 eight core processor. Which one should I invest in more?

I would get a new gpu before new cpu.


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honestly I would invest in water cooling for the 8350, I had an 8320 which I used with both a 970 and 290x and they worked fine and a water cooler could give you some good overclocking headroom. Also with DX12 and the reduction of CPU overhead that CPU bottleneck right now will be a lot less than what it is now with DX12 and Vulkan, On my old rig a saw an increase of about 30FPS max when I had it. (30FPS max for the 290x, only around 15 to 20 max for the 970) regardless the CPU should still be good with these new APIs.

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If you are worried about a bottleneck ,just give everything to me. Then you won't have to worry about a bottleneck at all lol.

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How much cash do you have to spend on an upgrade? If you have <$300, just just a RX 480 or GTX 1060. You might hit a bit of bottlenecking, but it should still be fine. Especially if your goal is to just play games at 1080p. Otherwise, a new CPU would be a good investment for the future, but if you do that, I'm sure most people here would suggest getting an Intel CPU (at least until we see what AMD's got going with Zen), so you'd need a new mobo as well. Something like an i5 + any mobo for around $300 would give you enough headroom to get a much better GPU when you have more cash in the future. Kinda depends on what you need.

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I follow a twitch streamer who recently upgraded her platform from an FX-6300 to an i7-6700K.  GPU is a GTX 960.  Her FPS in Overwatch while streaming went from like 15-30 to 150. :) (I was there when a few were helping her pick out parts, and I'm still kicking myself in the ass for forgetting to suggest she get an SSD, or even an Intel 750 or Samsung 950.)

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