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Judge my skill!

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Basically I have shown this video to my friends, and they claim that I should be be in a much higher rank than I am at the moment or was. I am currently silver 2 and the highest I have been is GNM, however my friends claim based upon this that I should be much higher, I disagree as I don't know the skill of higher ranks, so I would like second opinion! 




"Hmmm, this is for sure the type of music you listen to,  if you want to lose friends."


'That last one' ??


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You can't judge a player just off one short 40 sec clip that he picked out where he did well , a full matchmaking game would really show us how good/bad you are 

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Didn't look that special imo. Last frag was lucky. And when rest of the team can't even do damage to opponent...

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