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Feenix Gaming Bundle Giveaway

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Currently my gaming setup is crap. I don't have any good gaming peripherals. So to win this would be a dream come true.

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Mouse: G502 Proteus Core

Keyboard: Cooler Master CM Storm Quickfire TK Brown Switches

Headphones: Some Sony headphones I don't know the name of

Mousepad: Guild Wars 2 Mousepad


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Current setup:

Corsair K70 (MX Blues, wish I got the RGB ones before they ran out x.X)
Corsair Vengeance M95

A Corsair Gaming mouse pad that came with when I bought the mouse :P
Turtle Beach X12's as my headset

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Currently my gaming setup is crap. I don't have any good gaming peripherals. So to win this would be a dream come true.

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I've got a ducky shine 3 (left control to right control and the d key led's don't work) corsair m65 with a mm300 extended mouse pad and ue900 in ears.

i7 3770 @4.3 Ghz /P8z77 vl-k /Corsair Vengeance Pro 16gb ddr3l 1866 Mhz /g1 970 /Corsair Hxi 750w

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I currently have the cooler Master masrlter key pro L, logitech g303, samson sr950.


Would like it for my friend since has has a blackwidow and hates it and he could do with a peripheral upgrade.

New: PCPartPicker part list

Old:Intel® Core2 Quad CPU Q8400 @ 2.66GHz, GIGABYTE GA-EP43T-UD3L, 4 GB Elixir PC3 ddr3-1333,  ASUS RADEON R7 260X, Thermaltake M9, 1TB HDD, GreatWall GW550SEL 550 WATT, BENQ GW2255, Hyper T4, Samson SR950 Headphones, fiio ek10.

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For the inputs, I got:

-An old standard DELL Keyboard. Don't know the exact title but the sticker under it says Model: SK-8110
Dad got this in the early 2000's (and pretty much the rest of everything I have).

-The only good thing, a 800DPI Gigabyte M5050 Curvy Optical Mouse with a USB 2.0 cable I believe.

For the output,
-A cheap headset by Audionic (Pakistani company. And yes, I live in Pakistan).
-A (damaged) lcd screen. No real branding.

My PC:
-Pentium 4 2.99Ghz
-1GB Ram
-No external graphic card... yet.
-Old motherboard (Early 2000's)
-Few fans
-Old case (Early 2000s)

-A (little rough) wooden cutout plate for a mouse pad 

I live in the city Karachi of Pakistan. Now, the problems that will most likely hold me back from getting anything from this giveaway is that can you guys ship stuff here? Amazon, Newegg and some others are not even available here so I wonder. Also, my PC seems like it's not fit to deserve gaming equipment but I will be getting a GTX 960 and might have enough money for ram and a good processor, so winning this would be great. Thank you for reading.
Take care.

Edited by Silshadnic
Forgot to mention how s*** I am.
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Hi, my peripheral update list below:


Mouse: Logitech m185 wireless

Keyboard: Logitech k120 USB

Mousepad: free gift by shop i bought a pc

Headset: Logitech H111 


I wish Phoenix will replace my peripherals. Thank you



xhrf zamanar


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I'm using a disgusting pair of razer kraken pros, a dusty razer mousepad, an old (but trusty) deathadder, and a blackwidow keyboard which puts extra letters and spaces in anything I tttype. Feenix plox

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well right now I'm using Devastator game combo mouse and keyboard which for me are awesome since i only used normal gear until now but i never hot the chance to use any good headsets in all my life, I'm using a 20 dolla TDK headset with no mic that does the job but you can imagine the sound quality because i cannot since i never used any good headsets in all my life. Bottom line i could really use those headphones also for listening music on my phone for which i use normal samsung earphones because for my pc those headphones do the job but i only have one and don't want to ruin them by taking them outside. Pls all mighty one.


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Mouse: Redragon M902 SAMSARA

Keyboard: Redragon ASURA K501
Headset: Something really nice by Turtle Beach with and MLG symbol on it :P

Pretty nice but that stuff sounds cooler XD

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I feel like everyone in this post is lying about how good their setup is. So I'm going to go ahead, and be as honest as possible.

Running a setup with a Corsair K70, with a bunch of dust and shit in it, a Logitech G502, and a HyperX Cloud II.

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14 hours ago, CPotter said:



We're working with the great people over at Feenix Collections again to giveaway some gaming gear! To celebrate the launch of their Vitesse mouse, we'll be giving away 5 of them to you awesome people.


Also, one lucky winner will get an entire gaming suite of products from Feenix. This will include their Vitesse mouse, Aria headset, Dimora mouse-pad, and an Autore mechanical keyboard.



Vitesse Standard Mouse: http://bit.ly/1WqbkDx 

Nascita Large Mouse: http://bit.ly/1oUIopw

Aria Headset: http://bit.ly/23s8UcL

Dimora Mousepad: http://bit.ly/1Vmpqa3

Autore Keyboard: http://bit.ly/1S4ng8o



To enter the giveaway:


1. Comment below, tell us about your current peripheral setup (Max one entry per person)


2. Follow Feenix on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Feenix



*Giveaway will run for approximately 14 days, entries close on August 9th, 2016*


The winner will be announced randomly, and you'll see their names edited into the OP here. I will also DM the winners, and they'll have 72 hours from there to respond. 



Best of Luck Everyone!! :):) 



Vitesse Standard Mouse: http://bit.ly/1WqbkDx  ^^


Autore Keyboard: http://bit.ly/1S4ng8o  ^^


Aria Headset: http://bit.ly/23s8UcL  ^^


Dimora Mousepad: http://bit.ly/1Vmpqa3  ^^





I'm using a razer blackwidow 2014 , with a Asus rog gx800 mouse, an a weird anime mousepad and no headphones 


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I'm rocking a iPhone earphone with a dell standard keyboard and mouse with no mousepad :( . For my pc I have a gtx 950 on an Asus h18b motherboard and a intel i3 4130t dual core proccesor clocked at 2.7ghz, a 16gb hyperx fury ram and finally a 500gb hdd. Pretty okey so far. But not the best!!

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My current setup is a Tt esports Challanger Prime keyboard, a Logitech G300s mouse, a Siberia v3 headset, and a free far cry 4 mouse pad that came with my graphics card.

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Currently i'm using all razer peripherals. Razer deathadder, razer blackwidow keyboard and a razer blackshark headset. I'm about to upgrade my graphics card from an AMD radeon 6950HD, to a gtx 1060. This is the last piece of my previous gaming pc that i have to upgrade. When this is done i'm going to re-assemble my old pc so i can put one at home and one at my appartement for school. So set of peripherals would come in clutch!


Good luck to everyone!

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