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AMD Polaris Giveaway

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What I currently own: R7 360

Why I want to upgrade: the 360's shit...




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R9 290x, want to upgrade cause it's slow bro

i5 4590 @ Stock, XFX R9 290!, HyperX Beast 4x8GB  @1600, 850 EVO 120gb, WD Caviar Blue 1TB, , Asrock H97m Pro 4 , Fractal Design Define R4, Windows 10


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i currently have a r9 270 so an upgrade would be really nice all so i think AMD is better then Intel because its just as good and a hell of a lot cheaper 

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I have no graphics card... But, the new RX 480 looks awesome. Chance of me winning is slim but you only live once right? 





Yes... As you may notice I am newbie. Did I make an account only for a chance to win an awesome graphics card? Yes.

Have I been wanting to join this friendly community for about a year and a half now? Yes.




If you have read this far I've either won the giveaway or you just want to see the specs of my machine? "I bet it's the the specs" (sigh) 

Okay weirdo here's my specs...


Processor: AMD A6-3620 2.2 GHz

RAM: Hyper X 8GB 2133MHz

Motherboard: MSI A55M-P33

Power Supply: EVGA 500W 80 plus bronze

Storage: 1TB Seagate Barracuda 

CPU Fan: Stock AMD

Case (just for the LoL's): Corsair Spec M2


Okay Lets see how my luck is.   

                                                                                                          Yours Truly, Jorge Dat Boi

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I have a sapphire r7 260x. It does the job at the moment but I want to upgrade to a 1440p panel and pick up some newer titles namely the Witcher 3. This card was good enough for 2 but I wont get the whole experience with a low end card.

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On 7/18/2016 at 1:59 AM, nicklmg said:

So AMD's new graphics cards are here, and they are pretty sick... But what's even more sick than hearing about a new graphics card? Owning one for yourself!

Aw yeah man, we are giving away one Polaris 10 video card and one Polaris 11 video card thanks to our good friends over at AMD.


So, how do you enter to win one of these fine graphics cards?


1. Post a comment below telling us what graphics card you're using in your rig and why you want an upgrade to AMD's Polaris lineup. The two winners will be selected at random, so no, the content of your comment doesn't REALLY matter, but this is more fun than seeing 800 posts of "I want it" or "gibe nao pls."


2. Check back here in about a week when the names of our two winners will be added to the OP (giveaway execution is an art not a science people, so I apologize in advance if winners aren't announced in exactly one week).


3. Check your inbox here on the forum to make sure you didn't miss it. Our winners' usernames will be added to the OP here, so if you have any question about the legitimacy of a congratulatory message regarding this giveaway, please be sure to check back here and see if your name has been added.


And, while this isn't a requirement, feel free to give our friends over at @AMDRadeon on Twitter a follow.


Winners will be PMed from this account on the forum. Please do not consider winner messages from any other user in regards to this giveaway.


This giveaway is worldwide with no age restriction.


Best of luck to all!!

I currently do not have a GPU since I'm now building my first gaming PC so I'd be very grateful to have the latest and the greatest from AMD.

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Well right now I'm running a really old graphics card :/  really need a new one

AMD Radeon 3450HD. Would like to play some newer games.

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i've got a 940m gpu in my setup and I personally love gaming, having a good gpu will really help me because of my low budget for a decent gaming desktop, :)

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I'm currently running a Sapphire Tri X Fury, but I'd love to do something like build a PC for my sister or something like that if I got it.

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