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Audio-Technica Anc9 for gaming and VR

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I was wondering if using a pair of audio technica anc 9 for gaming and vr would be a good idea. Do they have good spatial sound for games that need it like counter strike ? Will the active noise cancelling and comfort help with vr immersion significantly?




I already have a pair and would rather not buy another pair of headphones 

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I am going to keep reiterating this thought about noise isolation/cancellation and VR.

It seems super dangerous. Unless you've always got someone else nearby, not being able to see AND hear is asking for an accident. I'd say immersion be damned, get a pair of open back headphones so you can at least hear if someone is calling your name... or shouting the words "fire" over and over again. :D

Director of Marketing for Antlion Audio, creators of the ModMic.

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