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Advice on new phone

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Hey everyone!
I'm not an enthusiast guy when it comes to phones but a year or so ago my phone got stolen and i've been driving around with an old Nokia E65.
I've been using it really as a phone-phone (texts and calls) and getting my app/internet fix with the tablet and computer.
However, I've been thinking of getting a new one.

My carrier, Vodafone, has a points system which essentially lets you have phones for cheaper, at the exchange of those points (you get these from using their services, yadada). So what this is essentially about is, should i get the Huawei P9 Lite for 171€ or the Vodafone Smart Platinum 7 for 228€?

The Vodafone one has a bigger, 1440p display vs the Huawei 1080p IPS one. The Huawei has a snappier CPU but the Vodafone has more internal storage. Battery capacity is the same on both (3000mAh) but the Smart Platinum has QuickCharge 3.0. I do believe the Smart Platinum has no optic image stabilization and i think that would be a nice touch.
Anyway, what would be your pick?

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Even both come with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow :/


btw, Huawei has NO 4k Video Recording.


Pure Spec wise i would go for the Vodafone.

32gb vs. 16 internal

1440p vs. 1080p

Amoled vs. LCD.


Only thing would be... How fast will Updates to Android N come.

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