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The clueless enthusiast

GPU overclocking and GPU boost

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Hi Everyone


I have recently needed a little extra power out of my GPU (in order to run a super modded skyrim  better) I have increased the clock speed by 20.65% (without touching the voltage) using MSI afterburner. I am using GPUZ to measure the increase in clocks etc I have noticed that GPUZ has a box for GPU boost speed under its clock section. I know that with cpu overclocking many guides strongly suggest you disable turbo boost as this often interferes with the overclock speed.


I have fully overclocked my gpu without touching voltage in both the clock speed and memory speed.


My simple question is this- as I increase the clock speed of my gpu I have noticed the boost speed also accelerates in line with the clock speed- how does this work with GPUs? Why is GPUZ still showing a boost number that's higher than the oc clock speed?


Does boost speed not interfere with the oc speed like with CPUs? And if this is the case how exactly does boost work? As without any voltage change my gpu becomes unstable (at higher speeds) so how is it able to produce more power without destabilising itself?


Thanks in advance!


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In you gpu firmware, the maker of your card will set you a default clock and a boost clock, however you will find rather then these be fixed, they are simply math for example, my default clock is 1101 and my boost 1190, in the firmware these roughly translate to default clock + 89, rather then being simply default clock 1101 boost 1190, this also means if i boost my default clock to lets say 1120 the firmware will be exactly the same, default clock +89= 1209

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