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Wanted: Gigabit router capable of handling a 300Mbps WAN

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi All,


I will soon be one of the lucky few in the UK to have FTTH and along with the broadband upgrade I also intend on upgrading my home network. I am going to be getting a 300Mbps down and 20Mbps up service and a router I was looking at is listed as only having 120Mbps NAT throughput which from a quick internet search leads me to believe that it will not be up to the task. After a gigabit switch and wireless will not be required as I will be using a separate access point


Can anyone offer any advice please? Currently of the opinion that if a third party box isn't up to it then the box supplied by my ISP certainly won't be.


Cheers in advance



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Posted · Original PosterOP
5 hours ago, mcraftax said:

Thank you. I have been looking at the ERL and I think it's the better option. Already been looking at a UniFi AP just not sure which one to get. Will ultimately come down to price.


On an off topic note I like your location mcraftax. Very accurate!

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