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Bought a GTX 1070 G1 Gaming, I think it's DoA. Any suggestions?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Threw it in a few different pcs, all pcs booted, none of them gave vision though. So I remoted desktoped to them with my phone and the screenshot is what I found.

I tried all kinds of different things. Updated BIOS, reinstalled drivers, messed with safe mode. Triple checked all my plugs. The thing that makes me think that it's really DoA is the fact I never get to see a BIOS screen.

If anyone still has some suggestions on stuff I can try, you'll have my eternal gratitude.

Thanks regardless.


Edit: forgot my language was set to dutch: The comment in the device manager translates to: the device has stopped working because problems were detected.

Not that useful unfortunately.



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Call or Email Nivida/Card Provider and request a new one?


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7 minutes ago, Mooru said:

Going back to the store on saturday probably and just trade it in.

I'd rather just avoid doing that though and get it working.

Its better to get new one insted if doing some diy fixes

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