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Not starting, please help!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Today I turned on my computer to have it start loading normally and then go to a screen that says "Reboot and select proper Boot Device or insert book media in selected device and press a key". I looked  around and saw that it can be solved by going into my bios and messing with a setting however I cant get into my bios. When my computer first starts up it goes to a screen that says "Gateway" with their logo and then it just goes to this error message. I have tried pressing f1-12 while in both screens, esc, and del but nothing has worked. My computer was working just fine yesterday and I don't know what could have happened to cause this. Any help is greatly appreciated!

If you wanted to see what computer I have: http://www.cnet.com/products/gateway-one-zx4970g-uw308-pentium-g645-2-9-ghz-6-gb-1-tb-led-21-5/specs/    (I know, kind of a sad rig ro have but its what I am working with right now)

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I know you stated you pressed it while IN the screens, but have you mashed the keys while its initially loading? Also 

1 minute ago, Electronics Wizardy said:

Check pressing the del key to open the bios.


 CPU: Intel Core i5 6600K  Motherboard: Asus Z170-A  CPU Cooler: Corsair H110i GT  GPUGigabyte GTX 980 Xtreme  RAM:2x8gb HyperX Fury  SSD: 120gb A-Data  HDD: 1Tb WD Blue 7200RPM - 750gb Hitachi 2.5" HDD  PSU: EVGA SuperNova G1 650W  Case: Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX  Monitor: 27" AOC LED IPS x 2  Keyboard: Corsair Strafe RGB Silent  Mouse: Corsair Scimitar RGB

 HeadsetLogitech G430  


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Posted · Original PosterOP

I tried mashing the Del key from one I pressed the power button to where I get the error message, nothing has come up though. If it is a bad hhd how can I check without spare parts laying around?

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As mentioned before just keep hitting DEL until something happens. It should get you into the BIOS. I see it's a pre-built all-in-one computer. I'm familiar with the fact that those computers commonly come preconfigured to skip the boot menu to increase boot speed with the expectancy that you never have a reason to go into the BIOS. When that is the case getting in there can be a pain but sometimes resetting CMOS is the only option...not sure how to get inside the unit though to do that.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So you want me to keep restating and pressing del until something happens or press it while on the error screen? And yeah, it is a pain to get open.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Update: I opened it up and plugged in another hhd and the same problem came up. Still can't get into bios. Is my computer rip?

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