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Valve files for Half-Life 3 trademark.

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Well we all knew something was in the works at Valve. It appears with this trademark filing they are preparing to eventually release some information on the progress of Half-Life 3. 


Even if it has been a bit longer than it should have been and people think that since there hasn't been a new game in the series since 2007 it will not live up to the hype, whatever they come out with, I anticipate Valve to finally finish off the epic cliff hanger we were left with in Half-Life 2: Episode 2.



Oh and of course....Half-Life 3 confirmed... 

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Half-Life 3 officially confirmed for the 1st time

3 + 1 = 4

Half-Life 4 Confirmed 

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Valve is full of win if they actually put this out soon. When Half-Life 3 comes out my friends are gonna need to send a search and rescue party, because I'm seriously not leaving my apartment until I finish the game.

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Half-life 3 confirmed, I can't wait


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Just as I predicted in my post here. I called it.

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