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Where Oh Where is "Digest Preferences"

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Some times the obvious needs to be stated: such as how to "Adjust your digest preferences."


This is in the context of the daily LTT DIgest E-mails. At the bottom, rather than an "Unsubscribe" link (er, um, why is that NOT there), there is the text " Prefer to stop receiving these emails? Adjust your digest preferences" with the last part being a hyperlink to the login page. 


After logging in, where oh where is the area for Digest Preferences ????????????????


I've got Username >Account Settings >Notification Settings, and then on that page, "Send me news and information" NOT checked, yet I am still getting the daily e-mails.


Where oh where is "Digest Preferences?" (And why oh why is there not just an Unsubscribe link???????????)



LTT Email Footer.PNG

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Its under "Content I follow " .

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