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Custom Lighting set up (need some help)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys so i have 4 decent led lights that i rescued from being thrown away they were previously use as work lights on a truck but they are stupid bright and it seemed a waste to just throw them away. 

so i know they are labeled 12v-36v max but thats about it... id like to hook all 4 of them up to function off 1 power supply i might give each one its own switch or maybe just 2 switches with sets of 2 lights per switch. so the trouble im having now is i dont know what i should buy for a wall power supply to power these and i dont really have any more information on them either... could i use just a single 120v in down to 36v plug in and then use like a buck converter to move the voltage from 36v down to 12v to dim them if needed or would i overload that power brick? any info or circuit ideas would be appreciated =]


i was thinking something light this



i already have a few of these i was thinking of using to control the brightness and voltage 


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41 minutes ago, Dukanater said:


That would work but I would run a test to see how well they handle 12V and 36V and it's brightness/heat first since that is quite a large voltage range. As for the power brick as long as all those lights are less than 72w total it should be good, and for dimming if you can get a PWM based dimmer those will tend to give you a wider range of control compared to voltage dimming. 

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You don't give any information about the type of LED lights so we can only speculate but many LED lights have a built in current controller to supply the LED's with a steady current (LED's are current based devices, not voltage). In this case the LED's will always have the same brightness for whatever voltage between 12-36V you supply and you cannot dim them by playing with the voltage.

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