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Skylake Overclock Testing Issue

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So I have a I7-6700K on a Asus maximus VIII Hero mobo and DDR4-3200 MHZ Corsair C16 RAM on a plat-grade Corsair AX-series PSU.


I currently ran into a few problems overclocking. So I currently have my system running on 4.6 GHZ and it appears to be stable for everything I can test so far. My new GPU won't be in for another 2 weeks so I will not be able to test my computer full until then. I have the core voltage at 1.33 Volts, with 1.1 V VCCIO 1.1V  for the system agent voltage and level 6 CPU-load line calibration. 


OCCT shows no hint at any problems. Aida64 agrees. I had them run for about 2 hours apiece. However, Prime 95 is seriously hating on my CPU. It's caused errors, BSOSing (probably 20 times in total from all my different attempts. Only OC I got it not to hate was down at 4.3 GHZ). I was wondering if this would be stable realistically? I heard skylake has some serious issues with Prime 95.


Side note: should I clock down my CPU until I get my GPU? I really do not use any power on it atm. Not much you can do when you're running your old 560 in your rig lol. The temps at 100% load peak at like 76 degrees C or so and avg temp is like 60-65 degrees at 100% load. I really have it down at like 25 Degrees avg. since I don't use 100 percent load right now lol. If I should clock down in the meantime, any idea what the stock settings are for the CPU? I'm thinking it's probably automatically like 1.1 V core volt, 4.0 GHZ, everything else auto?

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