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Front Rad: Exhaust?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey everyone! I'm pretty new to the computer building scene, and I'm super excited to actually start building my computer. However, I've run into a slight issue.


I have a Cooler Master Pro 5 and a Corsair H115i. I was planning on putting the rad on exhaust on the top, but the little flanges make this a pain. Rather than going to the workbench and slightly modifying, I just put the rad in the front, with the fans in a pull, exhaust configuration, with the two fans that came with the case into the top as the intake. I also have a fan in the rear as an intake.

I would use the front as an intake, but I have an optical drive on top of the rad, and the case has a divider that separates the PSU from the motherboard. Not a problem, but now that divider is getting in the way of the radiator, so i thought it would be best if I made the front the exhaust rather than the intake. Regardless, I think i need to get this fixed, probably by moving the optical drive sled down the bottom and the rad all the way up to the top. But would the front exhaust, top intake configuration make a difference?


I know this is the opposite of a "conventional" build, but I thought this was the best way to do it. I know there isn't a "best" answer, but any feedback would certainly be appreciated.


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2 hours ago, casualcomputing said:


It would work but not exactly ideal for dust since the top intake is not filtered in anyway. 

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It will work. The main reason top is used as exhaust. Is because heat raise to the top.

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Nothing wrong with that, just that you may get more dust in your case, as even when the computer isn't on, dust can fall in.


Just clean your case more often.

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